The Society is currently mandated by the act to carry out events and activities that will enable it get donations from well-wishers. Over the years we have received donations in cash as well as in kind, and these donations have gone a long way in making it easier for Kenya Society for the Blind to further live up to its mandate of improving the living conditions of the visually impaired in Kenya by way of improving their quality of life.

It is with this in mind that the Society has come up with a campaign to further this cause, dubbed “Adopt A VIP” which seeks to have you as the donor as an individual or with a group of friends or as an organization, can choose to support one or several Visually Impaired Persons during this pandemic period. Support can be in the form of food stuff, sanitizers, masks, handwash or monetary in the form of a cheque or direct deposit to the Society.

The whole idea is to help our Visually Impaired members whose lives have been disrupted due to the ongoing pandemic. The Visually Impaired use the sense of touch to get an idea of their surrounding. As we all know, the virus is easily transmitted through touching contaminated surfaces, therefore putting the visually impaired at a huge disadvantage as well as risk. A huge number of members have been unable to bounce back financially and thus putting them at a higher risk of starvation & hunger.