Korara Integrated school is both a pre-school, primary and secondary school located in Bomet County. The school was started in 1982. The special integrated unit, that admits visually impaired children, was started in 2011 through the help of Kenya Society For The Blind (KSB). The special integrated unit started with 7 learners with visual impairment (3 boys , 4 girls). Since then, the number of CWVI has risen to 52, with plans to enroll and accommodate a total of 100 children, learning from Class 1 to 8 by 2016.

Bomet County has a total population of 889,447 as per census report. Out of this population, 4,218 are visually impaired (0-5yrs =306; 6-14yrs =809 and 3,103 are over 15yrs). Less than 100 children with visual impairment in the county are in school. Major causes of blindness include cataract, trachoma, posterior segment infections and corneal conditions. Before Korara (an integrated school) was established, parents of blind children took their children to Kibos in Kisumu or Thika in Kiambu. This made education for CWVI inaccessible, unaffordable and unsustainable for poor parents and guardians. Towards establishment of the school, KSB sponsored 6 teachers for Braille Skills training. The school now has 18 braille machines out of which only 7 are in working condition and 5 Low Vision Desks. The ratio of Braille to its users is 1:4. A Braille is a “MUST have” for touch readers. This means the school should have a one-to-one (1:1) ratio. With a donation of one extra Braille Machines the ratio has been lowered further. To facilitate the usage of the Braille machines in the school, a further donation of 10 reams of Braille papers is also given; 12 sun screen location

  • 78 Visually Impaired Children
  • 647 Total number of children
  • 22 Teachers