The Society has continued to mobilize the general public as well as its members, in an effort to awaken public interest in the welfare of the visually impaired in society as well as matters relating to blindness & Visual Impairment.


To support learning for the visually impaired, KSB works with government structure. The goal of KIEP is to increase the capacity of government education systems to identify and integrate learners with visual impairment in regular public schools.

Eye Care

The Kenya Society for the Blind has been carrying eye care activities in Kenya since the 1950's. KSB has been achieving this through its National Eye Drops Production Unit, Optical Services. KSB Static Eye Clinic, Outreach & Medical Camps.


KSB is mandated by KSB Act 251 to provide rehabilitation services for the irreversibly blind in Kenya. To do this, KSB works closely with registered civil services organizations (CSOs) in the disability sector and the Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Development.