Hands reading braile
Participants at a previous fundraising walk

To awaken public interest in the welfare of the blind and in all matters relating to blindness and visual impairment, the Society has continued to mobilize its members with visual impairment, the blind and their siblings/care givers, the public, stakeholders and ophthalmologists on a one-to-one basis, or through print media and audio visual channels, and through organized forums to lobby the public on the plight of Persons with Visual Impairment.

The Kenya Society for the Blind continually looks for further means of increasing its income so as to expand and improve eye care services and projects nation wide.

The Society is mandated by the KSB Act to raise funds for awareness as well as other duties from the public including corporate entities, government and private bodies as well as citizens. This is through different forms including but not limited to these:

Membership & Subscriptions

Donations and Sponsorship

Project Partnerships

Events & Activity Support